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New & Used Auto Parts in Calgary & Saddle Ridge

Used Auto Parts

Saddle Ridge Payless Auto Parts offers a huge inventory of late model used parts for foreign and domestic cars and vans, SUVs and light trucks. We offer great prices on all types of automotive parts, including engines and transmissions, transfer cases, rear end assemblies, doors, computers, bumpers, starters, alternators and much more.

New Auto Parts

We provide a free AFT parts locating service that can search the world for the exact part you need. Compare our prices to any of the big box stores and you will agree: Saddle Ridge Payless Auto Parts is the right choice for all your automotive needs.

Vehicle Purchase

Do you have an old, derelict vehicle that is creating an eyesore on your property? Saddle Ridge Payless Auto Parts pays cash for runnable and non-runnable 2000 and newer cars and trucks. Please contact us for a free price quote and pickup of your vehicle. Your neighbours will thank you.



Get cash for vehicles 2000 & up

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